Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When I receive my trees, do I need to plant them immediately?

A1. You don't have to plant them immediately, but you will need to water them more often, as the pots have holes and the water will drain quickly.  Be sure to water as often as needed to keep the soil moist.

Q2. Which trees should I choose to create a barrier between mine and my neighbor's driveway?

A2. Either the Emerald Green Arborvitae or the Sky Pencil Holly can be used to create a nice hedge between driveways.  The Emerald Green Arborvitae trees grow to a mature height of about 12-15 feet, and the Sky Pencils grow to mature heights of between 8 and 12 feet.

Q3. My back yard is very large, but backs up to a busy road. What types of trees should I plant to create a privacy hedge that also provides a good sound barrier?

A3. The Green Giant Arborvitae and the Murray and Leyland Cypresses are both excellent choices for this large area.  

Q4. We have a pool in our back yard and our neighbors can see us from their upstairs windows.  What kinds of privacy trees would work best to block their view?

A4. The Hetz Wintergreen Arborvitae is elegant and columnar, and grows to about 20-25 feet tall. A wall of Wintergreens would be beautiful and block your neighbors' view.

Q5. Which of your trees are the fastest growing?  The Murray Cypress and the Green Giant Arborvitae grow very fast at a rate of 3'-5' ft/year.

Q6. How far apart should I plant my trees to create a hedge?

A6. Tree spacing depends on the type of tree and is measured center to center. To create a hedge using:

     Sky Pencil Holly - plant 2.5 feet apart 

     Emerald Green Arborvitae - plant 3 feet apart 

     Green Giant Arborvitae - plant 5-6 feet apart

     American (Dark Green) Arborvitae - plant 5 feet apart

     Hetz Wintergreen Arborvitae - plant 3-5 feet apart

     Improved Leyland (Murray) Cypress - plant 4-6 feet apart

Q7. How do you measure your trees? 

A7, We measure from the base of the plant (not bottom of pot) to the top of the tree. 

 Q8. I purchased Blueberry plants.  How do I protect the blueberries from the birds?

A8. Reusable 3/4" blueberry mesh netting (i.e. BirdBlock) is a very effective method.  Just spread the netting over your blueberry plants several weeks before the fruit ripens.